Helpful Links

Below you will find several links to helpful websites and programs that I use myself! Some also have discount codes or bonuses!  

Binance Exchange (50% off trading fees with this link -> (Click here to open in new tab)) –  Binance is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange. It supports hundreds of cryptocurrencys that you can buy and sell instantly. They recently reopened registration so sign up quick. By signing up with this link you are able to get 50% off trading fees!

Hashflare Cloud Mining (Sign up using this link and at checkout use code “HF18SPRNGSL10″ to get 10% off ->(Click here to open in new tab)) – Cloud mining is a program where you make an initial deposit in exchange for hashpower (buy/rent). Hashflare pays out your earnings once every day. You can choose to reinvest these earnings into more hashpower or simplly withdraw to your own personal wallet. Hashflare is the cheapest cloud mining service which is why I use and recommended them. (Click here to open in new tab) – Website allows you to claim up to $200 in bitcoin once every hour, completely free. I used this website myself when I was just starting to accumulate bitcoin. There is also a great strategy for multiplying your bitcoin and make double your deposit with a 99.96% success rate. You can find how to do the strategy in the image below.

Coinmarketcap (Click here to open in new tab) – Coinmarketcap is a great website that allows you to see detailed information and charts of over 1,500 cryptos. It also has other helpful features like detailed reports on exchanges and bitcoin market dominance. This website is actually my homepage and is 100% free and you don’t need to make an account.

Twitter (Click here to open in new tab) – Follow us on twitter to see our huge almost daily bitcoin giveaways!